Top 5 must haves car accessories for safe driving during rains in India

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With the monsoon season approaching, it’s time to get ready for the rain. In various parts of India, the rains have already begun, and people are preparing their essentials. Motorists should also ensure their cars are ready for the season, which includes adding some key accessories that can greatly assist during the rains. Here are some essential car accessories for the monsoon available online in India:

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1. Fog Lamp


Monsoon weather often brings dense fog, especially in areas with high moisture like forests and ghats. Installing fog lamps in your car is crucial for safety during foggy and rainy conditions. Newer cars often come with fog lamps pre-installed, but many older or lower-end models do not. Aftermarket fog lamps are available and can be fitted by a mechanic to enhance visibility and safety.

2. Dash Cam


A dash cam is mounted on the car’s windshield, facing forward, and records events on the road. This footage is useful for insurance claims in case of accidents, disputing incorrect traffic fines, and capturing scenic drives. Some dash cams also have a secondary camera facing the cabin, making them ideal for recording vlogs.

3. Wiper Blade


Wiper blades might not have been used much since the last monsoon. As the rainy season nears, it’s important to check if the wipers are functioning properly and if the blades are effectively cleaning the windshield. Heat can damage the rubber on wiper blades, causing them to wear out. If your wiper blades are worn, it is essential to replace them.

4. Mudflap


Mudflaps are common car accessories made of moulded plastic and fitted behind the front and rear wheels. They protect the vehicle’s body from mud, water, and dirt thrown by the rotating tires. Mudflaps can be purchased from aftermarket suppliers or dealerships.

5. Window Visor


Driving in the rain with the windows open can lead to water entering the cabin, while closing the windows can cause moisture buildup inside the car, making the windshield and windows foggy. Window visors, also known as door visors, prevent water from entering the car even if the windows are slightly open. This allows for ventilation without getting wet.

In short, ensure your car is equipped with these accessories to have a safer and more comfortable driving experience during the monsoon season.

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