Rockstar reveals GTA Online summer update 2024: New missions, businesses, vehicle upgrades, and more

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Rockstar Games has officially revealed the details for the GTA Online Summer Update 2024. In a Newswire post on its official website, the developer announced the introduction of a new bail enforcement and bounty hunting business, along with additional dispatch work for Vincent Effenburger, a character previously involved in the Cluckin Bell Farm Raid heist earlier this year.

The update will also enhance payouts for certain existing jobs, introduce new vehicles, and upgrade the multiplayer’s Creator mode. These improvements aim to provide a more enjoyable experience for players.

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New Missions and Businesses to be Introduced

The Summer Update 2024 appears to focus on themes of vigilante justice, adding a new bail enforcement and bounty hunting business. Vincent Effenburger will return, offering players off-the-books dispatch work in Los Santos. Rockstar Diversions portrayed it in their Newswire post: “Vincent needs offer assistance upholding his specialist without official oversight — get behind the wheel of your souped-up Cruiser and conduct a extend of off-the-books requirement exercises over Los Santos.”

Creator Mode Enhancements

Players will soon be able to craft custom Drag Races and Drift Races, thanks to new tools being added to the Creator mode next month. This update will also allow creators to launch tests from any checkpoint and race multiple rounds in Drag Races.

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Improved Job Payouts and Gameplay Enhancements

The update will boost payouts for various jobs, including Taxi Work, Open Wheel Races, and Operation Paper Trail. Additionally, Rockstar is increasing the Sell Mission timer for solo players in Biker and Gun Running business sales, ensuring snacks are automatically replenished when launching certain missions, and enhancing the defensive capabilities of vehicles like the Sparrow and Bombushka.

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Exclusive Benefits for GTA+ Members

GTA+ members will have early access to the new Super Car Overflod Pipistrello, available for free a week before it is released to the general player base.

Despite these exciting announcements, Rockstar did not provide a specific release date for the GTA Online Summer Update in their Newswire post.

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