Red Dead Redemption PC: Know how to play the popular game on Xbox One and Windows 10

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Red Dead Redemption, a popular Rockstar Games title, has long been absent from PC platforms. However, there is a way for PC users to play it, provided they have the right hardware and operating system.

To play Red Dead Redemption on a PC, two main requirements are needed: a Windows 10 operating system and an Xbox One. The game can be purchased through the Xbox One’s Backwards Compatibility program, or an existing Xbox 360 disc can be used. The game will need to be downloaded in full, about 7.5GB, and the disc must remain in the drive to play.

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Set Up Xbox App and Controller

Once the Xbox One is on and logged into a profile, switch to a Windows 10 PC and open the Xbox app. After linking the Xbox Live account on the PC with the same account on the Xbox One, the next step is to connect a compatible controller to the PC. Options include a wired Xbox 360 controller, a micro-USB connection for an Xbox One controller, or a wireless connection using the Xbox Wireless Adapter for PC.

Configure Game Streaming

In the Xbox app, locate the ‘Game streaming’ box and click on ‘Xbox one connection’. The app will search the local network for the Xbox One. If it doesn’t find it automatically, the console’s IP address can be entered manually. This IP address is found in the Xbox One’s network settings.

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Optimise Streaming Quality

For optimal streaming quality, use wired connections for both the Xbox One and the PC. While wireless connections are possible, they may require lower quality settings. Streaming quality can be adjusted in the Xbox app, with options ranging from very high to low.

Playing Red Dead Redemption on a Windows 10 PC has several benefits. It allows gameplay in a household where the main TV might be in use, and the PC includes DVR features for capturing high-resolution screenshots and gameplay footage. Additionally, a PC setup with multiple monitors can enhance the gaming experience by using a second screen for maps or tips.

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For those interested in streaming games online, this method allows for easy monitoring and responding to chatrooms on platforms like Twitch or YouTube. As there is no official PC port for Red Dead Redemption, this streaming method is currently the only way to play it on PC. The same approach may be necessary for Red Dead Redemption 2, although there are rumours it may eventually come to PC.

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