Ranking the Top Ludo and Teen Patti Game Development Company in 2024

by anika yadav
Ludo Game Development Company

You’ve been looking to build your own Ludo or Teen Patti game, but the number of options for game developers is overwhelming. How do you even begin to narrow it down? Well, you’re in luck because we’ve researched for you. This article ranks the top five Ludo and Teen Patti game development company in 2024 based on their experience, portfolio, pricing, and customer reviews. We break down exactly what sets each company apart, their key strengths and weaknesses, example games they’ve built, and actual client testimonials. With this list, you’ll know exactly who to turn to for your custom Ludo or Teen Patti build so you can launch your dream gaming app. We have all the insider details you need to make the right choice. Let’s jump right in!

What to Look for in the Best Ludo and Teen Patti Game Development Company

Experienced Developers

Look for a company with developers with experience building casual games like Ludo and Teen Patti. They should have a proven track record of successful game launches and a portfolio of top-ranking titles. Experienced developers will know how to optimize gameplay and user experience to keep players engaged.

Cutting-Edge Tech

The best game dev companies stay on the cutting edge of technology. They use the latest frameworks, languages, and tools to build visually stunning games with smooth performance. PlayerMultiplayer games like Ludo and Teen Pattineed robust backend infrastructure to handle many concurrent users. Top companies will have the technical expertise to build real-time multiplayer functionality, social features, and more.

Data-Driven Approach

A data-driven approach is critical to building an addictive and successful game. The company should test, analyze, and optimize at every stage of development using metrics and key performance indicators. They must understand how players engage with the game to refine the experience. Session length, retention rates, and in-app purchases should all be measured and optimized.

Customer Support

Once the game launches, the company should provide ongoing support to keep players happy and address any issues. They need a team to monitor reviews, social media, and in-game feedback so they can quickly respond to support requests, bugs, and other problems. The best companies will also continue optimizing and updating the game to add new features, events, and other content that keeps players returning.

With the right skills and experience, a Ludo Game Development Company can build you a top-ranking Ludo or Teen Patti game. But they need a data-driven mindset, use cutting-edge technology, and provide excellent customer support to give your game the best chance at success.

Our Top 5 Picks for Ludo and Teen Patti Game Developers in 2024

PM IT Solution

One of the pioneers in social gaming, PM IT Solution, has been developing addictive Ludo and Teen Patti games for over a decade. They are known for hits like Ludo Legends and Teen Patti Gold. With stunning graphics, engaging gameplay, and frequent updates, it’s no wonder Xynga tops our list. If you want to build an online community and drive significant engagement, PM IT Solution is your best bet.

PlaySimple Games

For casual Ludo and Teen Patti games with mass appeal, PlaySimple Games is a fantastic choice. They are experts in developing lightweight, colorful games that anyone can enjoy. Some of their most popular titles are Ludo Superstar and Teen Patti Instant. PlaySimple focuses on simplicity and fun over flashy graphics. You can only go right with these gaming wizards if you can reach the broadest possible audience.

Gametion Technologies

One of the leading gaming companies from India, Gametion Technologies, has mastered the art of developing highly addictive Ludo and Teen Patti games with localized appeal. Their games, like Ludo King and Teen Patti by Octro, incorporate classic Indian game elements that resonate strongly with local audiences. If cultural relevance and building loyalty in the Indian market are priorities, Gametion Technologies will deliver.


Playsage is an industry trailblazer for innovative Ludo and Teen Patti games. They are known for creatively blending traditional games with modern game elements to make familiar games feel brand new again. Some of their reinvented hits are Ludo: Hyper and Teen Patti: Ace. If you want to stand out from the competition by offering something fresh and exciting, Playsage has the creative chops to make that happen.


Rounding out our list is 99Games, a leading developer crafting high-quality Ludo and Teen Patti games. With a focus on stunning 3D graphics, 99Games can bring classic Indian games into the modern era. Some of their gorgeous games are Ultimate Ludo 3D and Teen Patti Gold. If visuals are a top priority and you want timeless games with a sophisticated feel, 99Games is a fantastic development partner.

Frequently Asked Questions About Choosing a Ludo and Teen Patti Game Development Company

How much does it cost to develop a Ludo or Teen Patti game?

Depending on the complexity and features, developing a Ludo or Teen Patti game can cost between $10,000 and $50,000 or more. A basic game with standard rules may cost $10,000 to $20,000. Adding advanced features like multiplayer, chat, and leaderboards can increase the cost to $30,000 or more. Developing a highly customized game with unique gameplay or graphics can cost $40,000.

How long does it take to develop a Ludo or Teen Patti game?

The development timeline for a primary game can vary from 3 to 6 months to 12 months or more for an advanced game. The exact time will depend on the game’s complexity and the developer’s availability. Ask potential companies about their estimated timeline for your specific game concept.

What skills and experience should a Ludo and Teen Patti game developer have?

Look for a developer with experience building casual games, especially card and board games. They should be highly proficient in Unity, C#, and game logic. For the graphics, they should have experience with 2D and UI design. They should also understand how to implement social features like multiplayer, chat, rankings, and share capabilities. Check their portfolio to see examples of similar games they’ve built.

What questions should I ask a potential Ludo or Teen Patti game development company?

Some critical questions to ask include:

  • How much experience do you have developing casual games, especially card and board games?
  • Can I see examples of similar games you’ve built?
  • What is your estimated cost and timeline for developing my game concept?
  • What platforms do you build for (iOS, Android, web, etc.)?
  • How will you update me on progress and address any feedback I have?
  • Do you provide continued support and maintenance after the game launches? For how long?
  • What are your payment terms and cancellation policy?

Asking the right questions upfront will help you choose a developer you can trust to build a high-quality Ludo or Teen Patti game.


So there you have it, my friend – the top Ludo and Teen Patti game app development companies to consider if you want to build a winning mobile game in 2024. With their proven track records, robust technology stacks, and focus on quality, any of these firms can help bring your gaming vision to life. Make sure you do your due diligence in evaluating prospective partners, and don’t be bold and ask the hard questions upfront. A little legwork now can save you headaches (and wasted dollars) down the road. But if you put in the time to find the right fit, you’ll be well on your way to launching the next chart-topping sensation. Game on!

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