Modders revive GTA San Andreas in GTA 4 with advanced RAGE Engine and new features

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Fans of Grand Theft Auto have something new to look forward to, especially if the Definitive Edition Trilogy left them wanting more. A dedicated team of modders is working on bringing the entire map of GTA San Andreas to GTA 4, utilizing the advanced RAGE engine for a more modern gaming experience. This ambitious project aims to integrate nearly every feature of the original San Andreas into GTA 4.

Challenges and Legal Hurdles

Previously, similar attempts to enhance older GTA titles with new technology were halted by Take-Two Interactive, Rockstar Games’ parent company, through DMCA notices, especially just before the release of the Definitive Edition remasters. This included a notable project involving Vice City.

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Experience GTA San Andreas Map in GTA 4 with This Work-in-Progress Mod

The mod, known as Grand Theft Auto 4: San Andreas, is a comprehensive overhaul of GTA 4, replacing Liberty City with the expansive San Andreas map from the 3D Universe. Beyond just the map, the modders are striving to bring over almost all the elements that made San Andreas a fan favorite. This project first surfaced nearly a decade ago but was taken down due to legal actions from Take-Two.

Currently in its Beta stage, the mod’s latest build, Beta 3 “World Enhancement,” was reuploaded in May 2024. This version promises multiplayer features, races, gang wars, and more. Gameplay videos show the mod capturing the iconic look of San Andreas, including the distinctive daytime and nighttime sky colors of Los Santos. However, some textures and items, derived from the original game, appear outdated by modern standards.

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Innovative Touches and Limitations

Despite the challenges, the modding team has made impressive strides. Many vehicles have been revamped to look more modern, though some original elements like weapons and items retain their classic, albeit blurry, appearances. While GTA 4’s lack of airplanes means no flyable planes in the mod, helicopters are available, and a humorous touch is added with a custom motorcycle that mimics a BMX bike.

Interiors are also part of the Beta 3 version, although it’s unclear how these will be integrated given the differences between the open worlds of GTA 4 and San Andreas.

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Mods like Grand Theft Auto 4: San Andreas showcase the remarkable talent and dedication of the modding community, breathing new life into beloved classics and offering fans exciting new ways to experience their favorite games.

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