Indian government planning to announce standard USB Type-C charger rule for smartphones, tablets, and laptops: Details

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India is planning to introduce a European Union-like rule that urges tech gadget companies to include a standard charging port for smartphones, tablets and laptops. Currently, the decision is under discussion and an official announcement is awaited. However, the standard charger rule for electronic devices is expected to be adhered to from 2025. This initiative will reduce costs and electronic waste. Know what the Indian government is planning.

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Standard charger rule to be announced in India

According to a LiveMint report, the Union IT ministry is expected to announce the Standard charger rule for several electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, and Laptops in the coming weeks. As of now, it has been revealed that the government will mandate the companies to integrate USB-C or Type-C charging ports from June 2025. The quote a source who said, “Feature phones or basic phones, hearables and wearables will be kept out for now.” 

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Apart from smartphones and tablets, Laptops will also follow a similar rule, however, the rule will be mandated by the end of 2026. The government will give companies a practical amount of time to integrate changes. This move will reportedly help combat e-waste caused by the multitude of charging ports and it will encourage users to take advantage of single cable solutions for diverse devices. 

The EU also announced the uniform charging ports for several hardware devices such as smartphones, tablets, cameras, headphones, video game consoles and speakers. Now, India is planning to make similar changes and standardize charging ports in the country. Consumer Affairs Secretary Rohit Kumar Singh said, “During the meeting, a broad consensus emerged among stakeholders on adoption of USB Type-C as a charging port for electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops.” Note that the official confirmation is still awaited from the MeitY. 

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As the EU shifted to its verdict, several companies are welcoming the rule in the country. However, companies such as Apple will likely have to make several changes to the previous year’s smartphone and other devices. 

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