How to watch The Turkish Detective online from anywhere

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London Met detective Mehmet Suleyman (Ethan Kai) embodies both the joys and strains of west meeting east in The Turkish Detective, an eight-part crime drama set in the sprawling metropolis of Istanbul. Welcomed with open arms by young-at-heart inspector Çetin Ikmen (Haluk Bilginer) and with suspicion by his protege detective Ayşe Farsakoğlu (Yasemin Kay Allen), here’s where to watch The Turkish Detective online for free – from anywhere.

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Don’t be fooled by his grizzled appearance and questionable realtionship with the bottle; Çetin’s childlike spirit hasn’t been broken by the job yet. His so-called superiors on the other hand… In spite of his devotion to the city and its people, however, he feels compelled to take the next step before his powers wane.

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