How to watch D-Day: The Unheard Tapes online from anywhere

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It was the moment that the war changed direction as 156,000 Allied troops landed in Nazi-occupied France and committed Hitler to a war on two fronts. Over 73,000 of those who took part in the operation died in the bloody battle that followed but the beginning of the end of World War Two was in sight. Here’s where to watch D-Day: The Unheard Tapes online for free – from anywhere.

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In a new way of delivering first hand recollections to a modern audience a lifetime later, actors cast to resemble the interviewees at the time of Operation Overlord lip-sync the words of the Allied and German participants that were, thankfully, recorded by historians and collected in museums during the post-war years. These haunting memories are interwoven with dramatic recreations for this show to tell the story of D-Day as it’s never been told before.

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