How to play GTA 5 on Android and iOS smartphones: Stream with steam link – A step by step guide

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GTA 5 is an iconic action adventure game that has captivated players for over a decade. Set in the fictional state of San Andreas, it offers a richly detailed environment, thrilling heists, and engaging character driven stories. While there isn’t an official mobile version of GTA V, you can still enjoy it on your mobile device using Steam Link.

What You’ll Need

To play GTA V on your mobile through Steam Link, you’ll need the following:

  • A copy of GTA V installed on your PC via Steam.
  • The Steam Link app on your mobile device, available for both Android and iOS.
  • A medium to high range mobile device.
  • A fast and stable internet connection with low latency.

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Setting Up Steam Link

Follow these steps to start playing GTA V on your mobile:

1. Prepare Your PC:

  • Ensure GTA V is installed and running on your Steam account.

2. Download Steam Link:

  • Install the Steam Link app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

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3. Configure Steam Link:

  • Open the Steam client on your PC.
  • Navigate to the Steam tab and select Settings.
  • In the Settings window, go to Remote Play and check the box for Enable Remote Play.
  • Click on Pair Steam Link to generate a fourdigit PIN.

4. Authorise Your Device:

  • Launch the Steam Link app on your mobile device.
  • The app will scan for your PC and prompt you to enter the fourdigit PIN displayed on your PC.
  • Once authorised, your mobile device will appear in the list of available devices on your PC’s Steam client.

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5. Start Playing:

  • Perform a network test on the Steam Link app to ensure a stable connection.
  • Once verified, open the Steam Link app and navigate to your Steam library.
  • Locate GTA V in your library and launch the game.

Gameplay Tips

For the best gaming experience, consider using a compatible controller with your mobile device, as touchscreen controls may not offer the same precision.

Enjoy the immersive world of GTA V on your mobile device through Steam Link. While an official mobile port isn’t available, this method lets you experience the game wherever you go.

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