GTA Online adds Vice City inspired missions and more exciting content ahead of GTA 6 release

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Rockstar Games continues to keep Grand Theft Auto Online fresh and engaging even after a decade, as a new DLC titled Bottom Dollar Bounties brings in a slew of exciting content. Data miners have uncovered that this update includes throwback features inspired by the iconic GTA Vice City, offering a nostalgic experience for players.

Nostalgic Missions: Pizza This… Takes Players Back to Vice City

One of the standout additions is the “Pizza This…” mission, reminiscent of Vice City’s beloved Pizza Boy task. In this new mission type, players will deliver pizzas across Los Santos, guided by a new icon on the mini-map. To complete these deliveries, players will use a brand-new vehicle, the Pegassi Faggio Sport Pizza, adorned with a “Pizza This…” logo on its delivery box. This new mission is a nod to fans eagerly awaiting the release of GTA 6, expected in 2025.

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But the nostalgic ride doesn’t stop there. Another throwback feature set to join GTA Online is a new type of daily collectible, discovered by data miner @Floorbal__. This collectible requires players to spray LS Tags on various posters scattered across the map, earning cash and RP in return. This mechanic echoes the tag-spraying missions from GTA San Andreas, where players had to cover gang tags with their own spray paint.

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New Adversary Mode and Halloween Surprise

Additionally, a new Adversary Mode, “Assault on ATT-16,” is scheduled to debut, providing a fresh twist on the “Assault on Cayo Perico” mode. As part of the Halloween 2024 festivities, a zombie mode is also reportedly on its way, adding a spooky element to the game during the holiday week.

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All these new features are expected to roll out before the anticipated Winter DLC 2024, ensuring that players have plenty of content to enjoy while waiting for the highly-anticipated GTA 6. Rockstar’s commitment to incorporating beloved elements from past titles into GTA Online keeps the game engaging and ever-evolving, catering to both long-time fans and new players alike.

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