GTA 6 to feature fishing, pawn shops, enhanced customisation, and immersive gameplay experiences

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GTA 6 enthusiasts are eagerly scouring the internet for any fresh information about the game, whether it’s the release date of the second trailer, map details, or gameplay features. As the most immersive game ever created, GTA 6 is generating a tremendous buzz online and across popular social media platforms like X. Since the release of the first official trailer, speculation around the game’s features, graphics, and gameplay has been rampant within the gaming community.

Leaked information suggests that GTA 6 will introduce several exciting gameplay elements that will distinguish it from previous titles in the series.

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Inventory System

In a move similar to Red Dead Redemption 2, players in GTA 6 will be limited to carrying a certain number of weapons. The game will feature separate slots for different inventory items, with a particularly intriguing addition being the “Shared Inventory” system. This feature allows players to share weapons, drinks, and food with other characters in the game.

Enterable Buildings

One notable improvement in GTA 6 is the increased number of enterable buildings, addressing a common criticism of GTA 5. Reports indicate that over 70% of the buildings in GTA 6 will be accessible, significantly enhancing the in-game experience compared to both GTA 5 and Red Dead Redemption 2.

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Vehicle Customization

Leaked details reveal that Rockstar Games has significantly upgraded vehicle customization in GTA 6. Players can expect detailed and dynamic car interiors, including interactive gas, brake, and clutch pedals. Additionally, players can adjust the steering wheel, rear-view mirror, arm-rest positions, and even reclineHT seats. This level of customization aims to blur the lines between the virtual and real worlds, providing an immersive driving experience.


Responding to fan demands, GTA 6 is set to include fishing as an activity. Players will be able to grab a fishing rod and enjoy relaxing moments by various water bodies, including lakes and rivers.

Pawn Shops

Another anticipated feature in GTA 6 is the inclusion of pawn shops. Players will be able to pawn random items they find in the game for extra cash, adding a new layer of economic interaction.

Witness and Police Recognition System

GTA 6 will reportedly feature a witness and police recognition system similar to the one seen in Red Dead Redemption 2. This system will add realism and complexity to the game’s law enforcement interactions.

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Unique Interiors

GTA 6 promises to offer unique and never-before-seen interiors. Players exploring Vice City will encounter distinctive rooms, hallways, and furniture that have not been recycled from previous GTA titles. A YouTube video explaining the technology behind these impressive interiors is available for those interested in a deeper dive.

As one of the most highly anticipated games, GTA 6 continues to captivate fans with each new leak and rumour. While these details are speculative, the true scope of GTA 6’s features will be unveiled upon its final release.

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