GTA 6 launch: New leak reveals console gameplay, technical features and pop culture influences and more

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Fresh leaks surrounding the highly anticipated GTA 6 have surfaced on social media platforms, shedding light on gameplay and details from the first official trailer. Shared by user mvbr (@Mvbrr), the revelations pertain specifically to the console version of the upcoming title.

GTA 6 Leaks

On June 10, 2024, mvbr took to social media to unveil technical and gameplay specifics from the console iteration of GTA 6. The disclosed information includes a range of features that players can expect, such as FSR, Global illumination, HDR, DLSS, Ambient occlusion, Shadow rasterization, Ray Tracing, SSR, and Denoiser.

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In a subsequent tweet, mvbr clarified that while ray tracing is a touted feature, it may not consistently operate due to optimization challenges. The translation from Portuguese to English highlighted the reliance on screen space technologies and denoising for such instances.

Anticipation for an enhanced gameplay experience, particularly with hopes of GTA 6 running at 60 FPS, has been palpable among the gaming community. However, mvbr cast doubt on this prospect, indicating that the current setup runs the game at 1440p with RT at 30FPS. The rationale behind this decision, according to mvbr, lies in the complexity of GTA 6’s design, suggesting that achieving 60FPS would necessitate significant compromises in content and proposed technologies.

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Furthermore, insights into the game’s inspiration were shared, with mvbr mentioning popular shows like Narcos, Blow, Shottas, The Place Beyond Of The Pines, Brasco, Bad Boy For Life (Club Scene), and Queen & Slim (Artwork Promote) as influences on Rockstar Games’ development approach.

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Addressing concerns over security following a previous trailer leak, mvbr noted that Rockstar Games has bolstered its measures. Despite this, the community eagerly awaits a new trailer, with expectations high for a release later this year.

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