Garena Free Fire Max tips and tricks: Here are 5 ways to prioritise survival over battle

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Garena Free Fire Max is one of the popular games played in India with a huge number of gamers joining. The Battle Royale games are popular because of their unique setup, themes, events, and gameplay that attract a huge user base. While the game requires players to refine their skills with practice, but some of the smart tricks do not require much practice and can help you survive longer in the game. 

Therefore, if you are new to Garena Free Fire Max, then getting hold of the smart tricks could be difficult. In such situations, you can prioritise survival and avoid indulging in battles. This will not only take you to the final battle but will also help you increase your ranking. 

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Garena Free Fire Max survival tips

  1. Keep an eye on the shrinking zone: Free Fire Max includes a circular range of safe zones where players can hunt enemies. However, as soon as they get out of the zone, their health starts to decrease and they eventually get eliminated if players do not get inside the one. Therefore, be attentive to the shrinking zone. 
  2. Avoid unnecessary battles: As a new player, it is exciting to get in the fight and battle. However, to survive longer players must avoid unnecessary fights in situations where there are chances of getting surrounded by enemies. Analyze the number of enemies and their strengths before indulging. 

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3. Choice of weapon: The next crucial thing in the game is the choice of weapon. For starters, make sure to use a powerful SMG or assault rifle for quick response and heavy damage to the enemy. This will allow players to eliminate enemies and prioritise their own survival. 

4. Teamwork: Make sure that all members of the team are playing together and are at similar locations for effective coordination and communication. With great teamwork, players can easily eliminate enemies as a team is stronger than a lone warrior. 

5. Practice: Lastly, keep practising the game to refine your game and there will be several situations where players will have to face sudden encounters and different gameplay. 

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