Where to Turn for Expert Starch and Derivatives Equipment: MecKey

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When it comes to finding the best equipment for starch and derivatives processing, MecKey stands out as a leader in the industry. MecKey Engineering Co. is renowned for its innovative solutions, high-quality machinery, and exceptional service in the agri-products processing industry. With a commitment to excellence and a proven track record in international markets, MecKey has become the go-to source for businesses looking to enhance their processing capabilities. Let’s explore what makes MecKey the preferred choice for starch and derivatives equipment.

Why MecKey?

MecKey’s Commitment to Quality

MecKey is dedicated to providing durable equipment that meets the highest standards of quality. This commitment is reflected in every stage of the production process, from initial design to final implementation. MecKey’s equipment is not only reliable but also optimized to enhance efficiency and productivity in starch processing plants.

Innovative Engineering Solutions

MecKey’s engineering team is at the forefront of innovation. They continuously develop new technologies and processes to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of starch and derivatives production. This innovative spirit ensures that MecKey’s clients always have access to the latest advancements in the industry.

Corn Starch Processing: A Comprehensive Approach

Corn starch processing is a complex procedure that requires precision and expertise. MecKey’s equipment and processes are designed to handle every step of this intricate process with utmost efficiency.


The first step in corn starch processing is purifying the corn. MecKey’s equipment eliminates foreign substances through pre-purification, using a rotary screen that de-stones and de-dusts the corn. The purified corn is then sent to the steeping section, ensuring a clean start to the process.


MecKey adopts a counter-current steeping principle to soften the corn. Heated acid circulates in the steeping tanks, maintaining a temperature of about 50℃. This step is crucial for preparing the corn for the subsequent crushing stage.

Sulfurous Acid Making

Sulfur is burned to produce SO2 gas, which is then absorbed into water to create sulfurous acid. This acid is essential for the steeping process and is carefully managed by MecKey’s advanced equipment.

Corn Crushing and Germ Separation

The steeped corn is crushed in the germ mill, and the germ is separated using germ cyclones and screens. This two-stage crushing and separation process ensures maximum efficiency and minimal waste.

Fine Milling and Fiber Wash, Dewatering, Drying

The degermed corn undergoes fine milling to remove fiber. The fiber is washed, dewatered, and dried, with the cleaned fiber often used to produce animal feed. This comprehensive approach maximizes the utility of all corn components.

Protein Separation and Starch Washing

The starch milk is processed to separate gluten and is then washed in hydro cyclones to remove any remaining impurities. This results in a high-purity starch product.

Starch Dewatering and Drying

The cleaned starch milk is dewatered using a peeler centrifuge and dried to produce a finished starch product with moisture content below 14%. The final product is then packaged and ready for shipment.

Germ Washing, Dewatering, Drying, Extraction Oil, and Oil Refinery

Germ separated from the corn is washed, dewatered, dried, and processed to extract oil. MecKey’s equipment ensures that the extracted oil is of high quality, ready for various applications.

Gluten Concentration, Dewatering, Drying

The gluten is concentrated, dewatered, and dried to produce gluten meal, a valuable by-product of corn starch processing.

Processing Water Recovery and Steeping Liquid Evaporation

MecKey’s systems also focus on sustainability, recovering processing water and concentrating steeping liquid for reuse. This approach minimizes waste and enhances overall process efficiency.

MecKey’s Vision and Global Reach

A Century Enterprise

MecKey’s vision is to be a century enterprise, admired by customers and cherished by staff. This long-term perspective drives the company to continuously improve and innovate.

Global Partnerships

Since its founding in 2001, MecKey has established strong partnerships across the globe. The company maintains excellent cooperation with clients in America, Russia, France, Turkey, Israel, the Middle East, Jordan, Pakistan, Egypt, India, Vietnam, Malaysia, Brazil, Zambia, Paraguay, and Argentina. This extensive network ensures that MecKey’s solutions are accessible to businesses worldwide.

Expanding Service Networks

MecKey is constantly expanding its service networks to provide technical and after-sales support. With established partnerships in the Middle East and Russia, MecKey is also building networks in Pakistan, India, and other countries. This commitment to service ensures that clients receive the support they need, wherever they are located.

MecKey offers a wide range of products to meet the diverse needs of the starch and derivatives industry. Some of the trending products include:

Corn Starch

Corn starch is a versatile ingredient used in food production, including the making of corn syrup and other sugars.

Wheat Starch

Produced from wheat flour, wheat starch is a key ingredient in various food products, offering both starch and gluten.

Citric Acid

An essential organic acid with numerous applications in the food, cosmetic, and industrial sectors.


A vital amino acid for human health, lysine is another important product offered by MecKey.


Used as a nutritional sweetener for patients with diabetes, sorbitol also improves taste and texture in food products.


A common food additive, maltodextrin is used in candies, milk powder, ice cream, and beverages.


MecKey Engineering Co. is the ultimate destination for businesses seeking expert starch and derivatives equipment. With a commitment to quality, innovative solutions, and a global reach, MecKey ensures that every client receives top-notch products and services. From corn starch processing to the production of various derivatives, MecKey’s comprehensive approach and cutting-edge technology make it the industry leader. Turn to MecKey for all your starch and derivatives processing needs and experience the difference that expertise and dedication can make.

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