Dyson Airstrait straightener to launch in India on July 4: Check expected features, price and more

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Dyson is set to introduce its Airstrait straightener to the Indian market on July 4, 2024. The Airstrait straightener stands out as a hair styling tool that allows users to straighten and style their hair from wet to dry without using traditional hot plates.

Dyson emphasises that the Airstrait straightener differs from standard models by utilising high-pressure airflow to both dry and straighten hair simultaneously. This method significantly lowers the risk of heat damage, helping to maintain the hair’s strength and health.

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In an official statement, Dyson highlighted that the Airstrait straightener is designed to accommodate various hair types, enabling users to achieve a natural straight style with movement while preserving the hair’s healthy appearance.

Dyson Airstrait straightener: Specs and Features

The Airstrait straightener comes with several features aimed at enhancing the styling experience. It includes multiple styling modes and temperature controls to suit different hair types and styling preferences. The Wet and Dry Modes allow users to style their hair as needed, while the Cool Mode can be used to set the hairstyle after drying and straightening. Additionally, the device offers two speed settings—low flow and high flow—along with a cold shot and root drying mode for added customization.

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A notable feature of the Airstrait straightener is its intelligent heat control. Glass bead thermistors measure the temperature of the airflow up to 30 times per second to regulate the heating element, ensuring optimal styling and protecting the hair from excessive heat exposure.

Dyson suggests that the straightener is ideal for those seeking a sleek, polished look, particularly for individuals with naturally curly or wavy hair who want straight results without compromising hair health. The tool is also aimed at users looking to save time in their styling routine while achieving professional-quality results.

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Dyson Airstrait straightener: Expected Price and Availability

The Airstrait straightener was launched in the US last year and has since been introduced in various other countries, including Australia. As for the Indian market, while Dyson has not disclosed the exact price, the device was priced at $799 in the US. Given the premium nature of Dyson’s products in India, the Airstrait straightener is expected to be priced around 50,000.

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