Can’t get high FPS in Minecraft 1.21? Here are 4 easy tips to boost performance

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It’s safe to say that Minecraft is truly a massive sandbox game, and running it at ideal frame rates can prove to be a challenging affair even for the most powerful PCs.

Now that Minecraft’s 1.21 update is out, many players are jumping back to play the game and will consequently look to improve the performance.

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Here are four practical tips to immediately improve the performance of Minecraft on any PC

1. Play on Low to Medium Settings

It goes without saying, but the basic fix for any situation where you are not getting ideal frame rates is to tone down the in-game settings. Yes, you will not see the best visuals, but for a game like Minecraft, visuals aren’t the most important part. To tone down, choose the ‘Fast’ graphics mode, turn off VSync, keep Particles at Medium, and keep Render Distance to 2 chunks.

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2. Update Your Graphics Card Drivers

If you haven’t updated your drivers in a while, now is the time to do it. Make sure you install the latest available update, and check the changelogs to see if the update affects the game in any way.

3. Install Texture Packs

This is another fix to quickly boost the performance of the game. While many use texture packs to make the game look different, and better in a lot of ways, there are some that can optimize the game and make it comfortable to run on low-end hardware. Dokucraft and Tooniverse are some effective texture packs available for the game that you can try.

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4. Don’t Keep Other Windows Open

Playing Minecraft is a taxing activity for your PC and can get progressively more intense as you build your world. Therefore, it is in your best interest to close all other windows—be it the browser or anything else. This not only reduces the RAM usage but also reduces the CPU load—naturally improving the frame rates in Minecraft.

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