Apple back-to-school offer in India: Get free AirPods or Apple Pencil with Mac and iPad – All details

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As has become a tradition for Apple in India, the back-to-school offers are back—across both its online store and the official stores, Apple BKC and Apple Saket. As part of the offers, students can enjoy a range of deals on products like iPads and Macs, with reduced prices and free AirPods or an Apple Pencil, depending on the purchase.

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Apple Back to School Offer: Timings and Key Details

Apple’s back-to-school offer has already begun, and students have until September 30th to avail these offers for themselves.

To take advantage of these offers, you must have a valid student ID. And then, you will need to verify your ID on UNiDAYS—only then will you be eligible to purchase products at discounted prices and receive the free offers.

How Can Students Get the Best Out of Mac and iPad?

Firstly, talking about the Mac, students can organise their apps with the stage manager, have multiple desktops, and get quick previews by pressing the space bar. Students can even create text-based shortcuts if they frequently type the same long sentences. This can be done by going to Keyboard settings from the System Preferences application > Text Replacements button.

As for the iPad, it can act as a secondary screen for your Mac computer, opening up creative opportunities. This not only gives you more screen real estate to work with but also helps you multitask. Another major plus for students is the presence of apps like LumaFusion, Final Cut Pro, and ProCreate. These creative apps can be used to craft a range of work and even help with assignments.

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Together, the Mac and iPad can be even more effective thanks to Apple’s Continuity. This includes features like AirDrop, Instant Hotspot, picking up phone calls on different devices other than your iPhone, Universal Clipboard, and even Continuity Camera.

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