5 gadgets on Amazon for rainy season to keep you safe: Anti-fog stickers, mini umbrella and more

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Monsoon is here, bringing a much-needed respite from the scorching heat in India. However, it also brings its own set of challenges, and dealing with rain isn’t easy at all. Fortunately, there are a few gadgets that can help you navigate through these inconveniences, and the best part is they don’t cost a fortune. So, whether you are going on an adventure this monsoon season or simply want to reach your office safely—there’s something for everyone on this list. Read on.

List of Best Selling Products

Product Ratings Price
Groz Portable Pocket-Sized COB LED Flashlight with Magnetic Clip | 150 lumens, 3 Watts | Torch for Treks, Emergency Torch, Automobile Repairs, Camping, Hiking, etc.| LED/140 4.2/5 ₹ 519
HSR Universal Accessories Rear-View Mirror Waterproof Anti Fog Rainproof Anti-Water Protective Film Sticker for Car (Square – 2 PCs + Oval – 2 PCs) 3.6/5 ₹ 295
CASEOLOGY by Spigen Vacuum Pump Waterproof Phone Pouch up to 8.3″ IP68 Dry Bag for iPhone 15 14 13 12 Series, iPhone Pro Max, Samsung S24 S23 S22 Ultra, Pixel Series – Charcoal Grey 4.3/5 ₹ 1,605
ARCTICOOL Portable Mini Fan – Rechargeable Hand Fan with 3 Adjustable Speeds, 2000mAh Battery, Lightweight Design, Low Noise, and Easy Portability for Indoor and Outdoor Use (Black) 4.2/5 ₹ 537
Owme Mini Folding Windproof Travel Umbrella, Sun and Rain Umbrella, Compact Portable Umbrella for Women and Men (BLUE) 5/5 ₹ 589

Groz Portable Pocket-Sized COB LED Flashlight

Imagine going on an adventurous camping trip with your friends and family this monsoon season—it is usually pitch dark in forest areas, and this is where a portable, rugged flashlight can come in handy. This model from Groz is small and barely takes up any space, so you can travel light. Even if you are not travelling to a remote area, having one in your home, car or bag can prove to be quite handy in case something breaks down in the heavy rain. A must-have, really!


HSR Universal Accessories Rear-View Mirror Waterproof Anti-Fog Rainproof Anti-Water Protective Film Sticker

While this isn’t a gadget, it can certainly protect you from mishaps. You have seen how your car’s rear-view mirrors get condensation on them, as well as on your side glass. This anti-fog sticker can simply be used to avoid that situation and provide a clear view of what’s coming from the sides. However, do check the product dimensions to see if it fits your particular car model.


CASEOLOGY by Spigen Vacuum Pump Waterproof Phone Pouch up to 8.3″

Let us remind you that consumer-grade phones are water-resistant, not totally waterproof. It means there’s a thin chance that something may go wrong in heavy rain, or if your phone is submerged. In this case, having an extra layer of protection can prove to be an inexpensive solution to a rather expensive fix. This waterproof pouch can house most phones and makes for an excellent addition to adventure trips, or simply when you have no choice but to brave the rain to get to the office.


ARCTICOOL Portable Mini Fan

Yes, while monsoon brings respite from the scorching sun, it can get quite humid and make you sweaty. Having a portable fan can go a long way in keeping you comfortable throughout your day. Now, imagine sitting in a cab but the AC isn’t working, or waiting for the metro—having a portable fan can be quite handy in these situations.


Owme Mini Folding Windproof Travel Umbrella

We all know that carrying an umbrella is paramount during monsoons, but we somehow manage to convince ourselves that it won’t rain, or the umbrella is too big to carry. This always gets us in trouble. But what if the umbrella was so small that it would fit in your handbag? This Owme mini umbrella can literally fit in a small bag, and when the rain strikes, you can open it to avoid getting soaking wet.


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